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Eddie has been writing, performing and recording his own music since 1975. Moreover, in 2015 he launched the Estrella Mountain Ranch Recording Studio and in 2020 launched several songs on most all social media platforms. Please look and listen around and enjoy!

The latest release (January 8, 2022) is called, "BB&K - Limestone

The background behind the song: 

There is a beautiful valley in Cattaraugus County in the State of New York, located adjacent to New York's largest state park. It is known as Limestone, within the Township of Carrollton. There lived a man named James Woods, and he resided in Limestone in an area known as Nichols Run. He had an enthusiastic love of trains; all things trains; through this dedication, in 1971 he co-authored a book with co-author Tom Barber, entitled, "The Bradford, Bordell and Kinzua railroad. This book is still in publication a half-century later. His love for trains, and his loyalty and dedication to the American Railroad, was the inspiration for the song, "BB&K - Limestone". This fact and also that Mr. Woods' son, Jim Woods, was a classmate of mine for 13 years. It is recalled the day he came to school, announcing to the class that his Dad had successfully published a book, as a co-author. I recall being happy for him and it was obvious he was proud of his Father. It is a wonderful memory.

So, there was inspiration to write, rehearse and record "BB&K - Limestone."

The song is both factual history, as learned from Mr. Woods' book, and fantasy. Now, the BB&K never really steamed through Limestone, it only steamed in a small area of the  State of Pennsylvania. In the song, it steams through Limestone, as a humble tribute to its book author, who has caused the memory of this short lived railroad to live on. The BB&K existed only 26 years, from 1880- 1906. That Mr. Woods authored a book for this railroad, is very interesting, so this song is written in fantasy as a humble memorial and tribute to the authorship of the late Mr. Woods.


BB&K Train Through Limestone
Eddie Walker, Jr. (The Ultimate Expression)

            Published songs, written, performed, sung & recorded by Eddie Walker, Jr.

            Published songs, written, performed, sung & recorded by Eddie Walker, Jr.

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"Love Letters From a Sailor", a recent release on social media platforms. The Publishing Group announced it decided to release this musically challenging - rock and roll instrumental; a very different departure from the already sea going, versatile, songwriting- multi player swoon er.

"I was really excited when I decided to write, rehearse and record this nearly four and a half minute instrumental rock jam", said Eddie.

"I've always loved listening to all the great guitar players of the late 60's - 70's era and also some into the 80's. When I wrote love letters, I was mostly thinking of the 60's rock band, Iron Butterfly, and Erik Brann on guitar and Doug Ingle on rock organ. It is my humble tribute to them, in a new dimension."

As with all the other songs, it was recorded @ the Estrella Mountain Ranch Recording Studio, in Arizona.

Meeting Chicago in February, 2015, was certainly a highlight  of my music world interactions in my lifetime. They were very nice and affable.

Eddie received the State of Hawaii Ola Pono from Lt. Gov Duke Ioana, for contributions in the Arts, specifically, original composition, arranging, recording, performing on several musical instruments and singing.


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